Saint Hilda's Day, November 17. Names for girls

Hilda is a name for a girl of Germanic origin that means "the one who fights". It is a name with great strength and beauty of meaning that can be perfect for your daughter.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not strange and it is gaining popularity in recent years. He celebrates his name day on November 17, which is Saint Hilda's day.

Because of the meaning of her name, Hilda has a charismatic personality that exerts a great influence on others. Hilda is admired for her energetic and decisive character, but also for her simplicity and sympathy. In addition, Hilda is a committed person who does not hesitate to seek all the means at her disposal to help others.

The name Hilda is known around the world with hardly any variations thanks to the Nordic tradition. Her Ilda shape is also very familiar and, in any case, this is a name for a girl that exudes seduction, sophistication and beauty. That is why more and more parents choose this name for their daughter.

Hilda's relationship with Norse mythology may help you choose your baby's name. And is that Hilda was one of the main Valkyries, those goddesses who collected the bravest warriors fallen in battle to take them to Odin's side and fight with him the battle of the end of the world.

Although if your daughter's name is famous for something, it is from the 1940s film "Gilda", starring a spectacular Rita Hayworth. More current, we meet Argentine singer-songwriter Hilda Lizarazu and fashion designer Hilda Sordo.

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