12 movies for kids with characters that fly

12 movies for kids with characters that fly

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Elliot and E.T. they perfectly embody the values ​​of an impossible friendship between an alien and a human. Despite everything, their desire to never lose that bond that unites them will make them escape flying on a bicycle.

Dori and Marlin go on a long, adventurous journey in search of little Nemo. Together they manage to escape the dangers of the sea and escape flying from a group of hungry seagulls thanks to the pelican Nigel.

The ideal world in which Aladdin and Princess Jasmine live makes us see that wishes end up being fulfilled no matter how remote and distant they may seem. For this you do not need a magic lamp, just dream and let the child's imagination fly. A treasure that we must never lose.

The Toy Story saga reflects the values ​​of the friendship of two toys, Woody and Buzz Light Year, who together go through great adventures to get together with their owner Andy.

There is nothing and no one who can stop their illusion, to the point that together they manage to fly to infinity and beyond!

The little mermaid Ariel and her faithful friend Flounder do not know all the secrets of the human world. But the seagull Scuttle is in charge of solving all their doubts. What they do not know is that this flying bird plays it wise, since it really knows the same as its friends.

The Zazú bird is in charge of protecting and watching over Nala and Simba, the future Lion King. But what he does not know is that although they do not have wings, the two puppies fly every time he gets lost, making him go through more of a dislike.

In stories, ghosts exist. But they don't always have to scare us, as they can also become good friends as is the case with Casper. An example that the innocence of children has a unique value that should never be lost.

The animated film UP teaches us that dreams can come true if you put your mind to it. Even a retiree's home can fly from one side of the earth to the other thanks to a hundred helium balloons.

The Neverending Story is capable of transporting our children's imaginations to a world full of adventures. Bastián embodies the bravery and determination of a child who feels invincible when flying on the back of the dragon Lújur.

Dumbo leaves us the tender image of a baby elephant who manages to leave behind the shame and complex that he has for his huge ears. An example that appearances can be deceiving and what seems like a defect can become a quality that makes us unique and special.

A story can make children unleash their creativity and imagination. An example of this is the story of Mary Poppins, a nanny with magical powers capable of flying and teaching the values ​​of life to Jane and Michael Banks.

Neverland is a place where all children would like to be sometime. There the dreams of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the rest of the lost children come true, allowing them to live an eternal childhood and fly away from the cruel and dangerous world of adults.

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