How to draw a mouse step by step

Learn to draw farm animals with these fun drawings to do with children. You can draw, color and cut out the image to create your own farm.

Follow these simple steps and learn to draw this mouse with your children. You can also print it to paint and decorate it as you like. Go ahead and you will have your own cardboard farm.

1. Take a piece of cardboard and a black marker and draw the mouse's head and ears.

2. Then you can paint the details of the face and draw a semicircle to shape the body.

3. When you have the complete mouse silhouette, you can draw the tail and whiskers.

4. To finish, color the nose and the inside of the ears with a pink marker.

Video: How to Draw with a Mouse - Krita Digital Art Tips u0026 Tricks Tutorial for Beginners. TutsByKai (December 2021).