Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter S

The baby arrives and you still don't know what name it will bear. Choosing the name is not always an easy task as the influences are varied. Maybe you want a name that continues the family tradition Or maybe you prefer a more personal and original name for your child.

To help you choose the best name, we have arranged popular names according to their starting letter. In this list of 10 names for boy with the letters you will surely find the perfect name for the baby.

1. Sergio. It is a name with a curious Etruscan origin and a meaning of protection. It is one of the most attractive names for boys because it has a special charisma that never goes out of style and remains original and fresh.

2. Samuel. The name is of Hebrew origin and has been passed down to us thanks to biblical tradition. It is a name with a familiar and classic flavor that accentuates its elegance. In addition, Samuel is one of those names that imprint personality.

3. Santiago. Again a name of Hebrew origin belonging to the biblical tradition. We are facing one of the usual names in the lists of frequent names because its immense strength makes its popularity remain unchanged despite its use.

4. Saul. The name is of Hebrew origin, also coming from the biblical tradition. It is a charismatic name that is original and distinguished because it has not been worn down over the years. Its simplicity is one more point so that this name is a safe bet for your child.

5. Sebastian. It is a name of Greek origin with a meaning that speaks of respect and trust. It is a traditional name, coming from the religious tradition, but with such a charisma that it is capable of reinventing itself in each generation, always being current and fresh.

6. Simon. It is a name of Hebrew origin transmitted by biblical stories. His strength lies in his forcefulness, which surrounds him with an aura of creativity and charisma. Simon, is the perfect name to reinforce the personality of your child.

7. Salvador. It is a very eloquent name that has a Latin origin. We are facing a name with a great personality capable of remaining original despite its long tradition. And it is that Salvador is a name that reinvents itself and renews itself over time.

8. Seraph. The name is of Hebrew origin and has a meaning related to fire. It has been handed down to us through Christian tradition personified in those spirits of good that surround the throne of God. Serafín is a name wrapped in all the good energy that your child needs.

9. Silvio. It is a name of Latin origin that refers to forests and nature. It comes to us through the Roman mythical corpus, Silvio being the son of Aeneas and one of the first founders of the oldest Rome. A name loaded with history and legend that will be ideal for your child.

10. Sabino. Again a name of Latin origin with a historical and mythological flavor. The meaning of the name refers to the Sabines, one of the first Roman peoples. However, despite its age, the name is original and fresh because it has not lost strength with the passage of time.

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