Children more hunchback thanks to smartphones

I am of the opinion that everything, absolutely everything in excess is harmful to our health. That is why I think it is very important that we teach children to seek balance in their diet, their tasks, games ... as well as in their habits and customs. Now, with the fashion of the smartphone, parents are finding it difficult to put limits to our children on their use. And of course, that is not only damaging social relationships, sleep and children's behavior, as well as their posture and safety.

Excessive use of appliances is damaging everyone's posture. That is one of the discussions I have with my daughter. I have had to forbid her to use her mobile while walking down the street or when we go shopping. It not only represents a risk in terms of your safety, but also in terms of your posture. Studies indicate that the excessive use of mobile phones is doing some harm to children:

1. Spinal problems. The poor posture that children often adopt to handle tablets or the mobile phones, is causing problems in your back and spine. At home, on the street, on the bus, etc., children adopt a curved or hunched posture to play, to talk or chat with friends. If this posture is already a habit in your life, it can cause you a lot of problems in the long run. By flexing the neck and compressing the shoulders, children are modifying their anatomy and the natural curvature of their body. Wear and tear begins in the muscle, then the joints, and ends in the bone. And the smaller the phone, the more curvature children make to handle it.

2. Social problems. There are many cases of children who only interact with friends or colleagues through mobile chats. Apart from that, they withdraw from family life, and just want to be connected 24 hours a day. The psychologist Javier Urra, already speaks of addiction to mobile phones, that is, of children who cannot be without their smartphones.

3. Security issues. The use of mobile phones in the street and also with the use of helmets, represents a risk to the safety of children. We cannot forget that there are obstacles on the street such as holes, steps, trees, etc., which can represent a danger to those who are distracted by their mobile. Apart from that, the use of helmets prevents the child from hearing noises from outside, from cars, etc., which can cause accidents.

Let's not forget that it is we, the parents, who must guide and educate our children. It is of no use to us that our children's school prohibits them from carrying mobile phones during school hours, if at home we allow them to use their mobile phones at any time they want. Everything in its time and at its time. If we don't put limits on our children, who will put them?

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