Christmas angel. Plasticine craft for children

The Christmas handcrafts They are a fun way to entertain children, we can make our homemade Christmas decorations, like this angel.

To do this we only need colored plasticine, the children can shape it by following this step by step. It is ideal to promote coordination and creativity. Learn how to make a Christmas angel to place on the Belen.

  • Pink plasticine
  • Blue plasticine
  • Yellow plasticine
  • Red plasticine
  • White plasticine
  • Black plasticine
  • A toothpick

1. Make two pink clay balls, one bigger than the other, and put them together.

2. With blue clay, make a circle and divide it in half to make the wings.

3. Form the crown of the little angel with yellow clay. Place a toothpick on the back of the angel, so that it sticks out over his head, and stick the crown there.

4. To make the angel face, make two smaller white and two black circles, which are placed in the center to form the eyes. Roll out some red plasticine and place it into the angel's smile. It is done!

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