Translator of cries for desperate dads

Translator of cries for desperate dads

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I have read the news that a group of Japanese researchers are working on the development of a computer capable of interpreting different children's emotions. Through a statistical analysis of a multitude of cries, they have been able to discriminate, classify and determine the different types of cries that babies emit.

Dads and moms, will this be the solution to the despair we fall into when our baby cries and we can't find the cause? How many times have I wished I could know what is happening to my son! I already would have liked that with my little one, a mom-baby, baby-mom dictionary was incorporated. Knowing that if my baby had a long and tired cry she meant: 'Mom, I'm very tired' or if it was short and powerful: 'Mom, I'm hungry'. We all know that when the baby cries it is because he wants something, but what? We look for clues in the diaper and clothes, we put a pacifier, we offer a bottle, hug ... and nothing.

Babies cry for many and varied reasons. We have only been able to put a few adjectives to their cries: acute, nervous, intense, persistent, lazy, hiccupping, at intervals, etc., however, this Japanese team has already managed to identify and differentiate different baby cries: crying of pain, crying from fatigue, from hunger, from a dirty diaper, etc. Until now, parents have limited ourselves to using our intuition or experience, but not infrequently we have fallen into nervousness and impatience, we have been overwhelmed by our little crybaby, when we have tried almost everything, without success.

But, finally, parents will no longer have to assume what happens to our babies, according to Professor Nagasima, responsible for this research, we will be able to know for sure what our children demand of us. If it is really effective, the success of the product seems assured, it will have a safe clientele in those parents exhausted by the howling of their baby. And of course, whether or not the device is effective, this team deserves some recognition, if only for the amount of crying and screaming patterns they have had to hear.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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