Children's tales of the hours and time

Understanding the passage of time and learning to read the hours of the clock is a sometimes complex task for young children. Therefore, there are books that can help you. We offer you some examples:

1. Perico, what time is it?
Beatrix potter

To learn the hours with Perico the mischievous rabbit and the Beatrix Potter characters. The cover and pages are die-cut so that the analog clock that is incorporated in the last page appears throughout the entire book and allows children to follow the instructions that are given on each page so that they learn to use it and distinguish the times .

2. Turn-turn
Anne-Sophie Baumann
A book for the child to discover in a simple way notions about time: what is a minute, what is an hour, what is a day, how many days is a week, how many months and seasons does a year have.

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