Most popular boy names for 2015 in Chile

It is not always easy to choose a baby's name. Parents are torn between following the family tradition or following the trends in names and the secret is to combine both possibilities. So at least the Chilean families will do it for this 2015.

In Chile they seek names for boys that are not extravagant, traditional names but with a totally renewed touch. If you like the same old names, choose from some of the most popular names for boys in Chile for 2015.

1. Augustine. It is a name of Latin origin that means 'consecrated to augurs'. Actually it is a variant of Augustus that is gaining popularity for that distinguished touch that it possesses.

2. Luis Alberto. This compound name is of Germanic origin. Luis has a meaning of 'illustrious warrior', while Alberto means 'the one who stands out for his nobility'. Together they form one of the most elegant combinations in names for boys.

3. Vicente. The name has a Latin origin and means 'the winner'. Despite being a name with a long tradition, it has a special charisma that keeps it current at all times.

4. Matías. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'Gift from God'. Known thanks to biblical stories, the name does not lose strength while maintaining an original and fresh touch.

5. Martin. This name is of Latin origin, its meaning is related to 'war' since it comes from the Roman god Mars. It is one of the most fashionable names both in Chile and in other neighboring countries due to the energy it transmits.

6. Alonso. The name has a Germanic origin and a meaning of 'ready for combat'. With a clear medieval flavor, Alonso is presented as one of those revitalized names full of distinction and originality.

7. Juan Carlos. Joining the Hebrew origin of Juan is the Germanic origin of Carlos, which means 'strong man'. It's one of the most popular compound names and it has a great personality so it never goes out of style.

8. Cristian Andrés. In this compound name the Latin origin of Cristian is united with the Greek origin of Andrés, which means 'brave man', It is an original name with a great personality.

9. Joaquin. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'God will build'. It belongs to the biblical tradition and its charm remains unalterable outside of fashions and trends.

10. Thomas. This name has an Aramaic origin and means 'the twin'. Despite being one of the most classic names, it is able to stay current due to its personality.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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