New mom, new mom mistakes and horrors

New mom, new mom mistakes and horrors

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Being a mother radically changes a woman's life. From the anguish of pregnancy and breastfeeding, to the most common mistakes a new mother can make, are humorously discussed in this book, featuring Yolanda Saénz de Tejada, Mistakes and horrors of a new mom. With a fine irony and in a didactic tone, the author puts on the table all the fears associated with motherhood.

What are the main concerns of mothers regarding their babies?
The first is to know if your child is going to be born with a health problem. And, along with this, not being clear if we are going to be able to raise the baby well, because we do not know how to do it. That is why I have written this guide, to normalize this process and so that we know that the same thing happens to most mothers.

How do new mothers go wrong when feeding their baby?
In thinking that the breast is a pacifier and in feeding him whenever he cries. You are always around someone who 'helps' you by telling you that the baby is hungry and makes you feel guilty and ignorant. Here I give some very basic guidelines so that we enjoy breastfeeding a lot and, at the same time, know when we have to feed it and when not.

How do new mothers go wrong when it comes to putting their baby to bed?
In sleeping him in his arms, of course. If we put our child to sleep in our arms, when he wakes up, he will want to return to the place where he slept, that is, to the arms. If not, you will feel insecure. If we sleep him in his crib, when he wakes up, he will be in the place of origin and he will sleep alone. That a child completes his sleep process is essential for his growth and development. Not to say that for a mother to enjoy her child, she must be rested.

What are the most common mistakes in the 0-1 year stage?
From 0 to 1 year, for example, suffering every time we leave it with someone to go out. It is essential that we return, little by little, to do some things that we like so much and, for that we have to leave our baby with someone. Nothing happens, as long as it is trusted.

And in the stage of children from 1 to 3 years?
From 1 to 3 years: the food. We begin to give him what the child wants, since we have little time and it is more comfortable for us. At this age, our son wants to do everything alone and if we encourage him to eat with his little hands, we are teaching him that food is something fun and good. And another important thing at this age is freedom of movement. The parks or playpens are an urgency to leave the child for a moment, not a kangaroo, like television.

What is our main mistake when children are 4 to 7 years old?
From 4 to 7 years old: sport. It is essential for our child to develop physically and mentally. At this age we must try to practice one regularly. It is something that we overlook and, above all, in girls.

And from 7 years?
From 7 years to 14 that the book covers, one of the fundamental errors that turn into horrors, if we do not control them, are social networks. So necessary, on the other hand. If our children get used only to having friends over the internet or to relating through this way, they are omitting all the cognitive and social part of them. We have the obligation to educate our children in values ​​and if they do not interact with other children, if they do not play with them, do not share their things and do not speak and also argue, we will be turning them into sullen people and poor of feelings.

What changes has motherhood undergone in the last 20 years?
This question is very beautiful because I always say that my mother is a better mother than I am… The most important thing is that now families are smaller and that mothers have fewer children. Time makes us feel guilty about not being able to care for our children. I have never heard my mother complain that she had little time for us, however I have done it many times. And a wonderful change for us now is that parents become much more involved in parenting and parenting. AND

Today, are mothers the ones who put limits on their children or are children the ones who put limits on their mothers?
Oops, this question is very difficult to answer because I firmly believe that children should have limits. In fact I say that the two fundamental things a child needs are: discipline and love. A child who has no limits will demand even the unattainable and the worst thing is that not only we will be lost but he too.

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