Saint Arnaldo's Day, February 10. Names for boys

Arnaldo is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means 'the one who is strong like the eagle'. It is a name with an unusual elegance that can be perfect for your child, although it is not very frequent.

More familiar and modern is its Catalan variant Arnau. He celebrates his name day on February 10, which is the day of San Arnaldo.

The name Arnaldo implies a very particular personality marked by originality and charisma. With a strong character, Arnaldo is sensitive and imaginative, being the world of emotions that endows him with dynamism and energy. Arnaldo does not hesitate to commit to everything he believes in and defend it at all costs. He is also ingenious and with great persuasive skills.

The name of your son Arnaldo is not one of the most heard in recent times, but his Catalan form Arnau is, and the English variant Arnold is especially known. In any case, its low popularity increases its originality, so your child will surely be favored with this name, without forgetting the beauty of its meaning.

In his variant in Castilian, Arnaldo can bring to mind the Basque politician of independence ideology Arnaldo Otegi. But also the Brazilian musician and poet Arnaldo Antunes or the Argentine writer Arnaldo Calveyra. In the social sphere, we find the name of your son as the last name of the journalist Jimmy Giménez-Arnau.

However, the greatest popularity of your son's name comes from his English form Arnold, from the hand of the well-known and muscular actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who conquered Hollywood with his action films and who later triumphed in politics as the governor of for a long time California.

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