Naming a baby is like getting a tattoo

Of course, every father and mother has the right to give their baby whatever name they want, however, and some parents forgive me, I think the trend that is in vogue of giving babies an unusual name is becoming everything a show.

Naming a child is not such an easy task. And even less if you are convinced that you want to give it a most original, exclusive and unique name. Giving babies fancy names is what a lot of celebrities are doing. No more putting the name of father or mother, the name of the grandmother or a great friend. The fever for choosing unique and very unusual names for babies is higher than ever.

The extravagance of names has been transformed into a boom. The most used trends today are geographical ones. Names of countries, of big cities such as Dakota (daughter of actress Melanie Griffith), Kenya (daughter of Quincy Jones), Memphis (daughter of singer Bono), or Ireland (daughter of Kim Bassinger). Among the children of the great stars you can also find names like Paris, Brooklyn, and Zahara.

Mythology is another path widely chosen by some parents. Nereida, Ulysses, Nerea, Zeus or Ares, are already very popular. But there are some names that cause us some concern due to the lack of meaning or origin. It is the case of Zowie, Jett, Pax, Suri, or Ka-lel, can anyone tell me what these names mean? It is not the same as choosing Apple (apple), or Melody (Melody), or Willow (Willow). In some cases, the result is mexican soap opera, like Lourdes María (Madonna), Stella del Carmen (Antonio Banderas), or Valentina Paloma (Salma Hayek). And what about Sunday Rose? Well, this is the name that actress Nicole Kidman chose for her baby and that in her time has caused an international debate.

In Spain, fashion revolves around Basque names and Arabic names. I don't dislike my name, what do you want me to tell you, but I am deeply grateful to my parents for not giving me one of those names that cause a certain fright. Of course, if they call me Wednesday, Hungary, or Pera, I would be very angry with them. Is it that babies with extravagant names get used to their names, or will they ask themselves over and over again, Why is my name like that?

Before naming your baby, I advise you to first define some limits:

1- If it will be a compound name or not;

2- If it is easy to pronounce;

3- If he will repeat the name of a family or close friend;

4- If it starts with the letter you like the most;

5- If the nickname to which it is attributed is acceptable;

6- If it will be long or short;

7- If you have easy spelling;

And don't forget, above all, that the name of your baby is a very, very important decision. It's like getting a tattoo for the rest of your life.

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