You also learn to be a mom

Despite women we may have more or less developed our maternal instinct, to be a mother is learned. No woman knows very well what to expect and how to act when she has her newborn baby in her arms. It is logical that we feel insecure or that we are overwhelmed, at first, in the face of the demands of our new situation.

As much as we read about babies before becoming mothers or feel qualified and prepared for motherhood, all we had to learn as we go and with the exercise of our work, just as we do when we face any new job. For the care of our son, day to day and practice is our best school and, unlike other tasks, we will never stop learning something more about our little ones.

On the other hand, it is not a comfortable 8-hour day from Monday to Friday, being a mother, although wonderful, can be exhausting and stressful, requires a total delivery and constant recycling. We should not expect our first child to be a bed of roses for us.

Therefore, correctly understand the needs of our first child is usually not an easy task for any woman, we have all been newbies and, with children, many times there is a first time for everything: a first time ... to breastfeed, to eat with a spoon, to change the diaper, to bathe them, to play, to communicate, to answer your questions, etc. Like our babies also mothers are overcoming stages (almost always with excellent), but we always have something to learn, something to perfect or something to share.

You learn to be a mother throughout your life. We must never feel anxious, impatient or useless, we know that we must learn from our mistakes and failures and that we have to look optimistically at our work. We are on the path of motherhood and we learn every time we take a decisive step. As the poet says: "the way is made by walking" ...

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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