Saint Casimir Day, March 4. Names for boys

Casimiro is a name for a boy of Polish origin that means 'the one who promotes peace'. It is a rare name in Spanish-speaking countries, but the same does not happen in the Slavic sphere, where it is one of the names preferred by parents.

The name Casimiro has all the originality that your child needs. He celebrates his name day on March 4, which is Saint Casimir's day.

Because of the meaning of his name, Casimiro is a calm and calm person. It is characterized by being especially sociable and highly value friendship. His harmony and balance do not prevent him from the outbursts of strength and the emphasis he places on defending his own. In addition, Casimiro has a natural charm and a great intuition for which he always receives the affection of others.

The name Casimiro is not very frequent in Spanish-speaking countries, but it is in the Slavic cultural sphere, especially in Poland, from where the name Casimiro originates. We find the Kasimir variant in languages ​​as different as Finnish, German or Russian. It is, in any case, an ideal name for your child if you want to maintain the noble tradition of the eastern countries.

The saint referred to by your son's name, Saint Casimir of Poland, was also a prince originally from Krakow. From the same place comes another noble character, in this case a duke, Casimir I the Restorer, followed by Casimir II the Just and Casimir III the Great, who was also king.

The Spanish painter Casimiro Sáinz Sáiz was a clear reflection of the creative and charismatic personality that imprints the name of your son. But undoubtedly the most endearing reference to your child's name is the cartoon character, Casimiro, who would send the children to bed every night with an unforgettable song.

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