Easter Bunny. Children's crafts with eggs

Easter Bunny. Children's crafts with eggs

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Easter is the holiday season for children, a good time to spend some time with the family doing some easy and fun children's crafts. We suggest you make an Easter bunny.

With an egg and simple materials such as felt, tissue paper or cardboard, you can make a beautiful Easter bunny, one of the most popular symbols of these dates. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to make a craft with your children.

  • Egg
  • A needle
  • Bowl or bowl
  • White felt
  • Pink acrylic paint
  • Pink tissue paper
  • Glue and scissors
  • Black marker and pencil

1. Empty the egg with the help of a needle and a bowl. When it's clean, paint it light pink. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to empty an egg without breaking it.

2. Cut out the template for the rabbit's house and legs.

3. Lay the template on white felt, mark it with a pencil and carefully cut it out.

4. Make small balls of tissue paper. Place a large one in the center of the face, it will be the nose. With three smaller ones, it forms the inside of each ear.

5. Draw the rabbit's face: two dots for the eyes, a few lines on the sides of the nose for the whiskers, and finally the muzzle.

6. Glue the bunny's face to the egg. To do this, put a little glue on the felt and place it on top of the pointy end, At the base place the rabbit's feet. Let it dry.

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