The rape of Europe. Short stories for kids

Some historical curiosities find their explanation in the greek myths. That is why at Guiainfantil we are adapting all these stories in the form of short stories for children. So children learn and have fun at the same time.

Have you ever wondered why Europe is called that? If that name was chosen for an entire continent, it was in honor of a phoenician princess called Europe to which his brothers were searching throughout the continent. This is how Greek mythology tells us.

There was a time when they hadn't made up their minds yet the names for each continent. In the case of Europe, that name was chosen for a very curious reason that they tell us from Greek mythology.

Once the god Zeus was observing the world from his home on Olympus and noticed a Phoenician princess named Europe that she was bathing on the beach with her friends. Zeus he fell madly in love with her and decided to conquer her, but everyone was afraid of the gods. So he went down to the beach turned into a beautiful white bull and also very tame and very calm.

The princess Europe He saw the beautiful white bull on the seashore and approached him. It had a nice touch, he stroked its back and mounted the bull like a horse. At that moment the bull entered the sea with the princess clinging to its horns and they swam and swam very far to the shores of the magical island of crete.

There he stayed to live Europe, on the same island where the labyrinth of Daedalus was. And for a long time no one knew about her. Her family was looking for her everywhere but no one had seen her, only her friends said that she had entered the sea on the back of a white bull.

The princess family Europe He traveled half the world looking for her.

- Have you seen Europe? - They asked desperately in each place they arrived.

But no one had seen her. Her family passed through Italy and there was no trace of her. Then they went to Spain, Portugal, France, Holland ... They traveled the entire continent asking the same question.

- Have you seen Europe?

The inhabitants of each place asked each other for Europe And so, from so much mentioning it, all the places the family passed in search of the princess were called Europe.

And many people wonder how it is that the relatives of Europe they traveled the entire continent and did not find it. But they could not reach Crete at any time. It turns out that at that time no one could approach the coast of Crete because a bronze giant named Talos it prevented entry to the island. But that's another story that we'll leave for another day.

Laura Velez. Editor of Guiainfantil

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