A movie day with the kids

Have you ever imagined creating a movie with your children and that they were the protagonists and even the directors of the play? Well, if you have considered it, it is good that you know that this is possible. In a movie day, hold film workshops for children, with the purpose of fostering their creativity and bringing them closer to the magic of the big screen. A great idea for parents who want to share an activity and have a fun time with their children. How about?

The project of A movie day It emerged in 2012 from short films that Victor Merlín and Jaime Abalde made with their children and nephews. The experience between them went so well, so well that they decided to create a website, where they can monitor all the activities they develop, and a video channel on YouTube, to share the chapters of the series they produce. Both the process and the result of each video is very enriching for both.

On one side are the children, playing to be leading actors in their own film, as well as directing it as shooting technicians. On the other side, there are the teachers to teach them tricks and secrets of digital cinema, and help them in the editing and making of the films. Using the chroma technique, they put on effects and integrate the scenes recorded with the children in a fantasy world.

Film workshops for children take place mainly in cultural centers or schools in Madrid, Spain. Under the name of Kids in black (children in black), the students of ‘A Cinema Day’ make and star in their own web series. On its YouTube channel, you can not only see the episodes of the series, but also accompany the entire production process with photos, news or sketches written and directed by children. The first chapter of the series Kids in black. Return to the Witch's Castle, already exceeds 25 thousand reproductions, while one of the videos, Adventure in the Castle of the Witch It already has almost 500 thousand views on YouTube.

So if you think about making movies with your children, you already know that you can count on an educational project with content focused on children. If you want to learn more about what is done in the ‘A cinema day’ workshops, I invite you to watch one of the most visited videos on their channel:

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