Essential accessories for First Communion

Essential accessories for First Communion

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There is no doubt: First Communion of a son is a very special and special date for the whole family. Therefore, months before we must choose not only the place where we will be with our loved ones celebrating the event, but also the styling of the protagonist of the day.

Apart from the suit or dress that the boys and girls will wear, we can also add certain ornaments or accessories to their way of dressing that will make them look great in their First Communion.

In the case of children, the options are smaller. As always happens, in the female case there are many more possibilities to complement a style in question.

However, if we also want to complement the our son's suitIn addition to the rosary that can serve as an ornament once the ceremony is over, we can also add a nice captain's cap or sailor's hat. This will depend on the type of suit the child is wearing.

We can also think of making a difference with the accessories of the boys by adding a beautiful flower on the lapel, wearing a watch that is one of the gifts, or wearing some special cufflinks.

However, girls can sport many more accessories to their dress, among which are the following:

- Some lace gloves: This accessory is more and more widespread, and gives a very vintage air to the girl's style. At least during the ceremony and the photo shoot you can accompany the dress in question.

- A bag: Not only adult women need to carry our things with us when we go to an event. Times are changing in terms of trends, so much so that brides at their own wedding change the bouquet for a handbag. And the same can be done by girls in their First Communion, carrying a bag to match your dress for what you do not want to lose sight of on your big day.

- A veil: Decades ago it was an essential, but it has been lost over time. Now she is recovering so that the girls cover their heads in the religious moment, with a medium tulle that does not cover them too much.

- Tiaras or headbands: It is the star complement, since in addition to making beautiful they help the girl is comfortable with her hairstyle and hold her hair well. We can choose them simple, more ornate, of flowers, matching some relief of the suit ...

- Ties: Another accessory for girls' hair is bows. It is best to choose them in satin or silk, since it will be what is more classic but at the same time fun.

- A headdress: But if what we want is for our daughter to stand out among the rest of the children who make communion, we can change the traditional headband or the vintage veil for a beautiful headdress. Just like the wedding guests do, but according to their age and matching their dress.

- The shoes: They are also very important, since although they do not look too much with the length of the dress in question. We can think of some white ballerinas for those who want to be comfortable or wear very simple and little ornate dresses, and those with a buckle for more classic girls or princess cut dresses. They can even carry an extra inch. What to do with them when communion passes? A good dye will allow them to be reused many more times.

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