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Stop smoking for the health of your children

Stop smoking for the health of your children

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We are already more than used to the changes that the anti-smoking law has brought to the daily lives of smokers and non-smokers.

Those who have not yet decided to quit, wonder, above all, if they are parents of young children, what can they do now to smoke or quit. Smoking is not a disease, it is a vice that requires an effort on the part of those who smoke, to quit. Children can be a good excuse for parents to stop smoking.

'If in the presence of my children I could not smoke at home or in the car and now the law does not allow me to smoke a cigarette while having a coffee, where do I smoke without feeling cold?' A colleague wondered at a morning gathering in front of the coffee machine.

And is that the ban on smoking in public places is in favor of health and to the detriment of the economy. If you are a parent and have not yet made up your mind to quit smoking, don't miss the results of this German study, which has revealed that children whose parents smoke have higher blood pressure.

An investigation, carried out by a group of researchers from the University of Heidelberg in Germany and the pediatric hospital in Bern, in Switzerland, with boys and girls between 5 and 6 years of age, and with one or two smoking parents.

The study has revealed that children exposed to tobacco smoke at home are 21 percent more likely to have high blood pressure. What consequences do you think this rise in blood pressure has on the health of your children? Fundamentally, an increased risk of suffering in adulthood diseases of the circulatory system such as stroke or heart attacks, which can endanger your life.

The most significant increase was the one corresponding to the systolic blood pressure, the high, which increases in children by an average of 1.0 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), while the diastolic blood pressure, the low, shows 0.5 millimeters more.

Exposing children to tobacco smoke is harmful for everyone, and smoking parents should be aware that tobacco does not only harm them. The problems that children may have in the future due to their parents' tobacco addiction is a matter of responsibility and solidarity.

In addition to the circulatory problems mentioned, one must remember the increased risk of infections, asthma, and breathing problems to which children are exposed. The study also points out that, although there were fewer smokers in the sample than fathers, they had a greater effect on their children, because they spent more time with them at home.

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