When and why to give growth milk to children

For many mothers the Breastfeeding it is a desirable option although difficult to obtain. The World Health Organization indicates that it is the "ideal way to provide young children with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development", and should be maintained during the first six months of the baby's life and combined with other foods until 2 years.

However, from that age it is necessary to incorporate baby diet new foods. The diet of the minor is diversified and it is crucial for their health and subsequent development to maintain a balanced diet.

The stage between 12 and 36 months it is essential for the development of children. A study by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded that young children also have specific nutritional needs.

Specifically, you should include in your diet some very necessary nutrients and in which, however, there were important deficiencies, such as Omega 3 DHA, iron, he iodine and the vitamin D.

Omega 3 DHA is a fatty acid present in breast milk that is part of the cells of the brain and the retina, and that helps visual and cognitive development. Iron is essential for cognitive and immune development, vitamin D is crucial for calcium absorption and bone development, while iodine supports cognitive function.

Through a balance diet and rich in blue fish, red meat, eggs and legumes, we can include these nutrients in the diet of children. Another way to satisfy these nutritional needs are the growth milks.

Unlike cow's milk, they offer a lower risk of kidney overload due to their lower protein content. In addition, by containing monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids with a lower intake of saturated fat and cholesterol, they can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. Milk is a food for daily consumption, easily accessible, so it becomes a practical and effective aid to meet these nutritional needs.

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