The most suitable foods when the baby or child does not gain weight

One of the great concerns of parents with babies and children is their growth. And when we talk about growth we mean your height and weight. When the baby or child does not gain weightWe are immediately alarmed, but first of all you have to know the reasons and then take the appropriate measures, among which are, as always, going to your pediatrician.

When a breastfed baby does not gain weight, both the infant's position at the breast and whether it is being done on demand should be examined, and help should be offered to the mother before prompting supplementation with formula milk, as breast milk is the best for the baby.

On the other hand, if the baby is fed with formula milk, it will be the pediatrician who decides whether the amount he is taking is sufficient or not, and may indicate another type of formula milk if the one used is not adequate.

When starting with the supplementary feedingIt is necessary to bear in mind that milk must continue to be the baby's main food, and even more so if the little one does not gain weight. More than withdrawing milk intakes and replacing them with other foods (fruits and vegetables in general), if the baby does not gain weight the opposite should be done, since milk is much more caloric than a puree of vegetables or fruits and its density of nutrients is more than adequate for the baby.

From one year of age, if it is observed that the baby does not gain weight as before, It can be analyzed whether there has been a decrease in the number of milk feeds, which could be the reason why weight gain slows down.

It is very common that after a certain age, the child decides to eat like the grown-ups and his weight stagnates, without meaning that he is ill or that parents should be alarmed.

It is very likely that his growth will follow, from that moment on, a different percentile - lower - than when he was an infant, and that is totally normal.

Beyond 2 years of age, children should eat adult food now, even though they can continue to breastfeed, but milk is no longer their main food. Yes the child does not gain much weight, something that can be perfectly normal as long as you are healthy and active, we can choose foods with high nutritional density for your diet.

- Legumes with cereals
They have a very good quality protein, as well as vitamins and minerals. If meat, fish or egg is added we make the dish even more complete.

- Blue Fish
In addition to fat-soluble vitamins and some minerals that are difficult to find in other foods, it contains very healthy fats in ideal amounts for the child who does not gain weight.

- Egg
It is a very complete food, with high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients such as choline, which cannot be found in other foods.

- Red or white meat
The protein in foods of animal origin is of high biological value, but it also provides iron, necessary to prevent anemia.

- Milk and dairy products
Avoiding skimmed and semi-skimmed foods because underweight children need their fat, milk should be present in the diet of these children to also ensure a good supply of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.

- Fruits and vegetables
Being less caloric, they can be used as a snack / snack to avoid substituting a main meal.

The pediatrician will always be the one who can determine if the child has a weight problem or not. This will be based on the percentile tables prepared by the WHO (World Health Organization) based on the age and sex of the child (they are not the same for boys and girls).

Do you want to know a quick way to calculate the weight percentiles of babies, boys and girls? On our site We have created a weight percentile calculator for infants and children. They are very easy to use: select the gender, age and weight of your child and our calculator will show you if it is within the tables or, if on the contrary, it is lower or even higher.

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