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Questions and Answers About Recurrent Asthma or Bronchitis in Children

Is asthma the same as bronchitis? When should a child be treated with bronchodilators? How do bronchodilators work? In We solve all your doubts about the treatment for asthma or recurrent bronchitis.

Pediatrician Iván Carabaño clarifies all those doubts and fears that parents have around children. bronchodilators and corticosteroids to treat bronchial diseases.

What is the difference between asthma and bronchitis?

Asthma is nothing more than recurrent bronchitis, one term and another are synonymous. It is important to know that under the age of 3, having asthma does not mean the same as it does in an older child. It does not have to be a lifelong problem, nor does the child have to be asthmatic in adolescence or adulthood.

Is it normal for children to have bronchial problems?

Below 3 years of age, 10-20% of children have recurrent bronchitis or recurrent wheezing

When should a child be treated with bronchodilators?

They are designed to be used on demand, that is, when the child needs them. They are usually prescribed in 3 circumstances: when children have an incessant cough, if we hear their chest whistle or if they have increased work of breathing, that is, they sink when they breathe the part below the neck and because they sink the part below the ribs.

How do bronchodilators work?

As their name suggests, they dilate the bronchi and do so at the expense of relaxing the smooth muscles that the walls of the bronchi have. When you take an inhalation, the bronchial tubes open and thus the air can circulate more easily.

What kinds of bronchodilators are there for children?

In pediatric age, they are mainly used in two types:

- Beta-adrenergic agonists: used in crises or episodes of bronchospasm

- Corticosteroids: their purpose is preventive, they are used for a permanent time to avoid the intensity of the disease.

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