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10 steps to make a child a delinquent

10 steps to make a child a delinquent

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A 'spoiled' child can grow into a troubled teenager or adult. And the fault will be, surely, the parents. It is just as important to set limits and rules as it is to be very clear about what does not do the child any good, no matter how hard it may seem.

The Spanish Juvenile Judge Emilio Calatayud, has written a decalogue on the bad education that some parents exercise (sometimes without realizing it) with their children. The ten key points that can make a child a miserable teenager.

1. Start from infancy to give everything your child asks for
In this way, he will grow up convinced that the whole world belongs to him.

2. Laugh at all your rudeness, swearing, nonsense and out of tune
This way he will grow up convinced that it is very funny and will not understand when he is called to attention by the same facts at school.

3. Pick up everything he leaves lying around the house
Thus he will grow up thinking that everyone is at his service; his mother the first.

4. Never scold or tell him what is wrong what he does
In this way, you could acquire guilt complexes and live frustrated. First you will believe that they have a mania and later you will be convinced that it is society's fault.

5. May all your wishes be satisfied instantly
This is how you will eat, drink, have fun… Otherwise you could end up being frustrated!

6. Let him see and read everything that falls into his hand
Clean with detergent, which disinfects, the dishes in which he eats, but let his spirit recreate itself with any filth. Soon you will lose your judgment.

7. Father and mother, argue in front of him
This way he will get used to it. And when the family is already destroyed, they will find it very normal, they will not even notice.

8. Give him all the money he wants
So you will grow up thinking that to have money you don't need to work, just ask.

9. Don't give him any spirit formation
So he will choose it when he grows up!

10. Always agree with others
So are the teachers, the people, the laws ... Those who have taken it with him.

Decalogue of Emilio Calatayud, judge for minors in Granada (Spain), based on the experience of the Police

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